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Linda – lost & found money in Gastonia, NC

God is good. Believe it. I lost some money a couple days ago and being out of work, I was pretty down. But today, someone turned my money in . I’m sorry I didn’t have faith that there are good and honest people in the world…I have proof that one of them is in Gastonia. Thank you, Lord.
Also, I lost my job when my plant closed and job searches have not panned out. Today, I went to the Honey Baked Ham store and a lady was “new at the register”. I told her that was just fine, take her time. I told her to change my order because I wanted something cheaper as I had lost my job, times were hard but to not worry about being fast at it and if she didn’t want to change it, that would be alright too. She said her sister had lost her job as well, and even the lady at the register had been “cut back” on hours at her job…Ask if they were hiring, she said no….So, I wished her well and as I started out the door, she called me back , wrote on a piece of paper,
She said if you need food or help with groceries try here. I teared up and I wanted to hug her. She looked just like an angel. I felt Gods presence all around me at that moment and as I walked to my car I ask God again to forgive for not keeping faith.
Yesterday a lady at the Food Lion grocery store in Gastonia also lost money. 700 dollars in a bank envelope..from the check out to her car, it went missing…I pray to God someone turns her money in.
Keep the faith lady.

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