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Joe, Nashville, TN – that is the way we all should be to make a better world

As we stood in line to pay at a Chinese buffet restaurant, a group of young businessmen were just in front of us. One of them wore a suit obviously not of the same quality or condition as the others. When it came time for him to pay, his credit card was rejected. When the cashier told him that, he stood numb. It was apparent that he had no money and no other credit card. His associates looked away. The cashier stabbed him with a look that said, “Don’t think you’re getting out of here without paying.”

I know what it’s like to be out of money, credit card over the limit, and feeling nothing but panic when you discover you can’t pay for what you just consumed. Twenty-five years ago I was in the same shape and instantly felt the anxiety and hopelessness. Friends came to my rescue back then. This guy’s “friends” abandoned him to his plight.

I stepped forward and told the cashier to put his tab on my bill. The young man was so embarrassed he mumbled “thank you” and rushed out the door. It was okay; I understood.

A lady in line behind me touched my shoulder. When I turned she said, “That was a very nice thing to do.” I replied that is the way we all should be to make a better world. She agreed. I’d like to think that not only will the young man remember this and help someone in the future, but those others in line may do the same.

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