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Alex – Fife, Washington

Today I started out by buying someones coffee in Gig Harbor and now at lunch time I am in line at Taco Bell when a Fire Fighter has to run out without his food. His order comes up and I walk up to the counter asking what that fire fighter had orderd and let him know that I would like to purchase that and then the guy could have a fresh one when he goth there. This took a minute and I looked to the left of me and a guy was standing next to me ordering and I let the otehr cashier know that his money was not good here today and I would be paying for his meal. The man looked at me and asked why. I do believe I said why not. He thanked me over and over. I enjoyed the rest of my day.

I am a selfish person I do this because I love it. I enjoy the feeling I get and the looks on the faces of the strangers I bring a smile to.

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