Other ILBM Ideas

There are a lot of ‘In Line Behind Me’ ideas you could do to brighten someone else’s day:
•    What about the person behind you at McDonald’s drive-thru?
•    Or who is trying to buy groceries and can’t find their wallet?
•    The family who has their hands full at the restaurant?
•    The car behind you at the toll booth? (Except apparently in WA state where it’s illegal? What’s up with that?)

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be the person right behind you, what about:
•    Bringing in your neighbor’s garbage cans
•    Sweeping the snow off your sidewalk AND theirs
•    Sending a secret gift card to them through the mail
•    Paying their electricity bill
• and I love this one that someone said on KMPS radio – grab two numbers when you walk into the DMV or another place where there is a long line. Give the 2nd ticket to someone who comes in after you like a mom with small children.

There are just a lot of people in this world…Our goal is for people to simply realize that they aren’t the only ones here.  That there are people behind them as well.

We would love to hear your ideas for making this world a better place.  Please send them to ideas@inlinebehind.com

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