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Cass F., Doylestown, PA – I realized they had no dessert

On Thanksgiving Eve 1999, I went shopping for the ingredients for a bread pudding, my father’s favorite dessert, at 10pm at night. I was in line behind a woman who was in line behind 4 male college students from Delaware Valley College. They had pulled all their money together and had $16 and decided to purchase a Thanksgiving Day meal that the tallest would cook the next day. These kids did not have money to go home for THanksgiving. When I saw that they were able to purchase a small turkey, box of stuffing, can of green beans, can of cranberry…I realized they had no dessert and I ran across the store to pick up a pumpkin pie. When I got back to the line, I handed it to the cashier and told her to put it in their bag and charge it to me. They were so thrilled. I asked them when they had money in the future to remember this and do something nice for someone else when they could. Meanwhile, I left the recipe at the grocery store and when I got home I realized I had all the ingredients but no recipe. I went back to the store and it was in the aisle where I was when I realized they had no dessert. The next day, we all realized that it was the best bread pudding with rum sauce we ever had!

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