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Adalia, Tarzana CA – this act has left a lasting impression on me

Two months ago I was in the check out line at my local grocery store Vons. I reached into my purse to retrieve my credit card to pay for my groceries, to my chagrin, the card was missing.

I was frustrated having spent time and energy on gathering the groceries and I was not looking forward to doing it again – I was pressed for time. I asked the “checker” not to put away the groceries because I was local and would be back within minutes. I got out of line and proceeded to the next counter and dumped everything out of my purse – just to be sure the card was not there and it was not.

I was not happy and as I began to walk out of the store, a woman came up to me and handed me a receipt. I was puzzled and looked at her quizzically. She said “I paid for your groceries.” I was shocked. I was speechless. I stammered “You paid for my groceries.” “Why would you do that?” I asked. I was having a hard time making sense of this situation. I reached in my bag for pen and paper, to get her name and phone number but she was already heading for the door. I ran after her and said ” Heh, I need your name and number, so that I can pay you back.” She turned around and said “that is not necessary, just do the same for someone else and pay it forward.”

This was the first time that I became aware of this phrase and later on learned that there was a movie with that same theme. I have always been generous to strangers, friends and relatives, however, this act has left a lasting impression on me. I was on the receiving end of someone’s kindness and it was so unexpected.

This act has influenced me to create a life that will allow me to do many, many random acts of buying groceries for families all over the world.

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