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Yvonne/ Peoria, IL – someone somewhere was looking out for my family

I grew up in Detroit in a family that qualified for free school lunches and received donated food from an organization called Focus Hope. As an adult, whenever I have the opportunity to pass on the blessing of food assistance I do so.

Mostly it happens in the grocery store, but it also happens at fast food counters, sporting arenas, and concession stands. If someone in line ahead of me is putting things back because they don’t have enough money, I try to buy it for them. I’ll either signal the cashier that I’ll pay the extra or let the person check out, pay for what they left, and have the bagger catch them in the parking lot.

I find it comforting that someone somewhere was looking out for my family and me while I was a kid. It feels good to think I can give another family the same feeling of comfort.

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