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Vegas – Hurricane Mikey & Marcie

Heard about this site from the local radio station. I actually have been part of several Starbucks ILBM mornings at the Enumclaw Starbucks. Such a great way to start a work day (both as the giver and the receiver).

Just wanted to share a story from a blogger friend of mine that lives in Vegas. He is a wonderful fella that has a Vegas blog (he works in the gaming industry) with a pretty loyal readership. He recently became friends with a nice gal at a local coffee shop just by stopping in regularily for a meal. See he is a very outgoing, very generous dude who meets new people easily. Long story short…he has a pretty cool “In Line Behind Me” type story posted on his blog. Check it out…..

Wow is all I can say about how much we have raised to help this nice gal out of a tough situation!

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