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Valentine’s Day Challenge from Team ILBM

We at In Line Behind Me would like to propose a challenge…

Valentine’s Day tends to be uber-mooshy-squishy-lovey-dovey stuff.  Which is all fine and dandy.  However, we would love to have your help in making it more than that this year.

Our challenge to you…come up with a good deed for someone who needs love.  Doesn’t have to be romantic (although that is good too), but try to be creative and think about those around you who might not have a ‘someone’ for Heart Day.  What about the man who lives down the street by himself?  Could you drop off flowers for him or something else unexpected?  What about your favorite cashier?  Could she use a gift certificate for McDonald’s?  What about the single Mom in the cubicle next to you at work?  Could she use a card from a secret admirer to boost her spirits?

Surprise someone!  Do it secretly…try and do it without them knowing.  THEN, come share your Valentine’s Day Challenge stories here at In Line Behind Me.

with our love and blessings,

Janelle, Jesse & Bryan

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