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Valentine’s Challenge – Federal Way, WA

The challenge heard ’round the world, or something like that! It’s been a rough year for me in the love department – and Valentine’s Day was looking gloomy. As I walked into her house, my sweet friend Janelle, ever on the lookout for ways to bless her friends, handed me a gift bag. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” she said in her quiet way, with a big hug. In this bag was an encouraging book, a fun sparkly exceptionally impractical ball about the size of a softball with a floaty heart inside it, and nail polish that I was too poor this week to afford. I very nearly cried.
And now, a soapbox moment: Love in it’s purest form is helpful, encouraging, sparkly, impractical, fun, personal and beautiful. My own little bag of examples. Thanks, Janelle. And Happy “V” Day, everyone!

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