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I had a co-worker who was going thru a very tough time, both financially and personally. One day she told me that her biggest sorrow was that her 4yr old son wanted to go to Wild Waves so bad, and that she wasn’t able to take him and didn’t know when she would be able to. I thought about that several weeks, it really was a small thing to want wasn’t it. I waited a couple of months (hoping she would forget she told me, and also for the weather to get better) and then I went and got two tickets. I had told my sister about it, and she said that they couldn’t possibly go without having spending money to spend there. So she put in the spending money. We put it in a envelope and I wrote her name with my left hand, and I snuck it into work and left the envelope under the counter to be found. She was so surprised and tried to find out who had done it. Well I didn’t tell any of my coworkers about it so it was a mystery. I’ll never forget hearing about their day when they went to Wild Waves. It made my heart smile.

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  1. I am not really suipsrred from the fact that Nadine Labaki won the “Celebrity of the year title”. If we got back in time, we know that her movie “Caramel” put her on “Variety’s 10 Directors to Look Out for List.” Also, She also directed Nancy Ajram’s video, Akhasmak Ah. Among many other interesting accomplishments she has done, which you can read on . Her last movie “Hala2 lawayn” was a great hit! Which I believe made her win the tittle.

    November 23rd, 2015