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You may remove whatever amount you’d like from the collection plate

At least once a year our local Unitarian Universalist Fellowship begins the sermon by passing the collection plate saying that it is an annonymous contribution and asking that the congregation give cash, and generously, for a worthy cause.

The sermon theme then is about some form of giving and making the world a friendlier, better or more benevolent place. The congregation is asked if they would like to participate in a pay-it-forward project. If so, the members are instructed to think about what they might personally do to pay it forward. Time is given for the congregation to think it over.

When the sermon and discussion (we always have a congregational response) is completed, the collection plates which now contain the offering collected at the beginning of the service, are passed back through the congregation. The congregation, if they wish to participate, is given this instruction: “you may remove whatever amount you’d like from the collection plate to use in some worthy endeavor. You are then to send an email or note saying what you did with the money.”

Some past projects examples are: buying a holiday dinner for someone; buying library books to donate to the library; buying an ticket for someone to a concert they might not otherwise attend; buying groceries for a needy family; donations of food to the local animal shelter; gift cards for essential items; tickets to the local children’s museum and so on. The ideas are endless and the practice is just plain pass-it-forward feel-good fun.

The Unitarian Universalist pledge is to “make the world a better place” and this is part of that mission.

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