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NaPua – Mahalo E Ke Akua No Keia La ~Thanks be to God for this day

I try to do this whenever I can afford to. It just so happened that I did this not to long ago for an older gentleman (about 70’s I guess) at a Lumpia place (Lumpia – is kind of like spring rolls) as usual it warmed my heart. The issue In Line Before Me was that the person at the shop had gave the gentleman the wrong total, the total they had given him was for a smaller order; but he needed more and did not have the cash for more. I had just enough money for his extra & mine so I spoke up. He wanted me to give him my address so he could send me the $$ and I said, “thank you but no, just enjoy them!!” Then he asked me to come out to the car to meet his wife. Felling a little overwhelmed I said okay, he seemed like I NEEDED to meet his wife. She, as I learned on the way to the car was not able to walk much and was waiting for his return so they could go to a friends house, I got the feeling like it was a somber meeting they were going to. After my introduction to her I very shyly said hello. They asked if they could pray with me. We 3 prayed in that parking lot and as he walked me to my car all the way he kept asking that God bless me and watch over me in all that I do. It felt like when my hometown pastor and I used to pray together. Now it has been a while, but I tell you I have felt blessed more and more each day!!

You know even in their way Ichabod & Scallops and the whole Waking Crew have helped me in many ways.(p.s. they are not the couple I spoke of above!!) Some they know, but most they will never know because I cannot put it into words!!

In fact this INBM is something I have always tried to do!! People can be so negative I feel it is my duty to share some positive-ness!! For example …
I just finished a gift for a local barista, I am not a “regular” there but they are always nice when I go in. I mentioned to her that day that I was off to see Secret Life of Bees. She exclaimed that she loved the book and REALLY loved the movie. Then she stopped for a second (yes stopped everything… brewing and all) and said with her head kinda tilted and a long look on her face ‘ you know sometimes I wish I had a wailing wall.’ I looked back at her kind of confused (since I had not read the book nor seen the movie yet) she noticed my look and it was like she got snapped back into her routine and said ‘oh when you see the movie you will understand.’ So away to the movie I went with a higher excitement to see what she was talking about. NOW for those who have not yet seen it I won’t give it a way, but I was so moved by what the wailing wall ment in the movie that I could not help but remember the WAY the barista said what she had said about it. So the very next day I went out to many stores and got the stuff to make a ‘portable wailing wall’ (well a box really.) If you know when this movie was in theaters you know how long ago this was; but many personal things have happened to me but I always kept working on the gift and now it is done!! Any how I am hoping to try to catch that barista again so I can give her this token and I hope it touches her and helps her like I think it will. I showed it to a friend because I was feeling like I was being a goof for making it for someone who doesn’t even know me. All my friend could say is ‘ you are always so nice and do such nice things for people. I am sure she will love it, it is wonderful.’

SO enjoy your time on the show I will be up listening for you & keep the goodness flowing!!
Mahalo E Ke Akua No Keia La ~Thanks be to God for this day

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