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Lisa H.- with credit cards, cash, and random receipts and papers

A few years ago, I was getting out of a taxi and I found a wallet on the back seat, stuffed with credit cards, cash, and random receipts and papers. I took it home with me, and tried looking up the name on the driver’s license, but the person was unlisted. I know how desperate I would feel if I lost my wallet, so I called the local police station and they told me that I would have to drop off the wallet myself and that it would go into their lost-and-found log; they do not reach out to residents regarding found wallets. After looking inside, I noticed a boarding pass from a recent flight on Continental Airlines with a OnePass Frequent Flier number on it. I logged onto the Continental Airlines website and typed in the number; the person’s preferred means for contact showed up with an email address. I emailed the woman and she met me at work with a bouquet of flowers. With a little sleuthing, I tracked her down and made her very happy.



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