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Judi Oakland, CA – encouraged me to do the same in my business

I have been the recipient of a “pay it forward” experience at a popular bakery in my city – Bake Sale Betty in Oakland, Ca. It is the policy of the bakery to regularly give patrons a free baked good (not a tiny sample). They do it frequent enough so that is it part of their goodwill, but not all the time so that one expects it or takes it for granted. And it is not based on the dollar amount that people are spending – sometimes they give out free products when you are standing in line to get inside, sometimes it is included with your order, sometimes it is when you are sitting outside at one of their tables eating your pastries.
I hope that by sending this to you, it is a “pay it forward” for them. Also their business practice has encouraged me to do the same in my business. We don’t sell an edible item ( we sell used mannequins) but we’ve been so impressed with Bake Sale Betty, we often give our customers a little something extra. It creates wonderful goodwill
We have the perfect body for you to buy or rent,
for your window, trade-show or special event!

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  1. Now a days one cannot have a thing for a free. there’s no free on earth!of course except for oxygen. Upon reading this blog, it made me smile knowing a bakery was not just providing the peoples need but also giving what people need. Just like recycling the mannequins, you recycle, less money needed and helping conserve reusable garbage.

    ronald martens
    April 20th, 2012
  2. You have brilliant thought and I love to read your article.

    Ronald Martens
    April 25th, 2012