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Janice H, Denver – one of the best days of his life

 I surprised my dance instructor with a “Surprise Appreciation Party”, inviting his students to come celebrate how much we love this special man.  His wife brought him to the party under false pretenses to ensure the element of surprise.  We turned my home into a nightclub with a dance floor, DJ, lights, and lots to eat and drink.  He was definitely surprised and told me it was one of the best days of his life.  He felt so loved………which is exactly how he makes his students feel.
I am planning “Surprise Appreciation Party #2”!  Boy, will he be surprised that I was able to pull it off twice.  It is the last thing he is expecting.  Wait till he sees what I have planned!

By the way, my dance instructor is a US Open Champion several times over and has won over 100 titles.  Personally, he has added to my life in more ways than teaching dance.   He’s the best and I love him!

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