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Janet – Great service in CT

It was a Saturday afternoon. When I went to my car to go to the grocery store, I noticed that one of my tires was flat.
Of course, immediately, I started calculating and realized that if I got the tire fixed, then there would be no money for groceries, but I needed my car!
So with the spare on – one of those little “donuts” – I slowly made my way to the Citgo service station in Tolland as the station nearest me is closed on Saturday. A young man, Mike, who I found out is a former Marine, cheerfully fixed my flat tire, put it back on and put air in all the other tires. This was at 3:30 PM. Only then did I learn from the fellow at the front desk that the service part of the station closes at 1:00 PM. Mike had been helping people out overtime all afternoon. When I asked how much the service was, he told me it’s all set – no charge!
He didn’t know that now I could shop for groceries. I bought some ingredients for cookies and I intend to make him a batch!

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