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Jan L. – after I sold my engagement ring to get money

My friend’s divorce left her with a house she couldn’t sell and a deadbeat father who pays just $6 per week in child support. She was forced to find a job, care for her daughter 100%, refinance, beg for help from her father, and try to make ends meet. She gets free lunch for her daughter, energy assistance, shops in the food pantry once a month, and has state-spnsored health insurance for her and her daughter. She works hard all day, comes home to greet her daughter after school, then stresses about how she’s going to pay the bills.

While there’s so much assistance with food and necessities, it doesn’t cover all of life’s needs. She still has credit cards to pay, a car to pay for, gas to put in the car, car insurance, home taxes, etc.

Here’s the story: Once again, her cable and internet would be turned off for non-payment. She was going to live without tv for 4 days, over the weekend, until she got her paycheck — a mere $600. She was planning to pay $160 to get it turned back on. I decided it would help her a lot to not have to pay that money so I called 3 cable companies until I found the right one. Turns out, she had 2 payments due for a total of nearly $400, and the $160 would always leave her one payment behind. I went ahead and paid the total balance so she could get back on track with them next month.

I’m going through a divorce myself, paying thousands of dollars in lawyer’s bills and begging my ex to pay child support. But, after I sold my engagement ring to get money, I thought to myself, the least I can do is share this with my friend who is also struggling. All the girl has in her life is her daughter and a little tv for enjoyment.

There was no question.

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