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See You At The Pole – Ivey, Arizona

Today was something called “See you at the pole” where kids at middle and high schools got together around the flag pole in the morning to pray. I do it every year, and this year was the best by far. So many students walked up to us, not knowing what exactly we were doing but just joined in. I could really sense the happiness the Lord was feeling with all us kids standing up for what we believe. I was so on fire for the Lord, I couldn’t stop! I invited one of my friends (who clearly needs Christ in his life from his conduct everyday) to the school Bible study today at lunch, and I would say it was one of those “God moments” because the teacher taught the exact right lesson that I thought my friend needed to hear. It was about how we all have missing puzzle pieces in our lives, and the Lord is the only one that can complete us and make us truly happy. I am so thankful to God for giving me that oportunity to invtite my friend, and I hope he will continue to explore Christianity! It won’t be regretted :)

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