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Barbara & Jim Sarasota, Fl – Chocolate chip anniversary cakes

Today was our 45th wedding anniversary. We were struggling already as Jim was recently discharged from the hospital after some extensive back surgery and a long, painful recovery period. We are caregivers for my 86-year-old mother who is getting ready to have abdominal surgery for a cancerous lesion and has many other health problems. LAST year on our 44th anniversary morning we were shocked to find we had been awarded surprise and long-term custody of a step grandson who had been removed from our ex daughter-in-law’s care. So, had not been able to celebrate last year and were hopeful for a nice, quiet celebration THIS year.

Day started with a phone call regarding a margin call from our stock broker due to the falling market. Then Jim awoke with severe pain and redness in his foot. Called the doctor who ordered emergency MRI and visit. Diagnosed with MRSA of his foot and leg, a probable postop/hospital related super infection….. that frightful Methacillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. We were given prescriptions for three antibiotics to fight it, instructions for complete bed rest (or hospitalization if we can’t follow THOSE orders). So, we went to the drug store to spend lots of $$ for the three antibiotics to fight the super infection, to the bank to get $$ to cover the stock margin call, decided to swing through Kentucky Fried Chicken to get a bite for lunch as we obviously would not be going out for the steak dinner we had planned with our family and friends.

Had to wait at the pickup window and was telling the nice young man that this was our anniversary and we had not planned to celebrate in this manner with doctors, prescriptions and a KFC lunch. He was very sympathetic and kind, wished us a happy anniversary anyway and congratulated us on our long and happy marriage. Then, what a kind and totally unexpected gesture… he handed us a large, round chocolate chip cake! Said it was his anniversary gift to us and he wished us a very happy evening together even though our plans had changed; reminded us that we had each other and our love. Certainly put things in perspective for us and brought tears to our eyes that a total stranger could be so kind and caring. Reaffirms your faith that there ARE truly fine young people in the world today! Can’t wait to pass on to another a similar compassionate deed!

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