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Missing wallet – Anaconda, MT

A few years back a friend of mine stopped on the edge of a mountain road in Montana to releive himself. When he looked down he saw a wallet and took it home with him. I was home from college during winter break and stopped by to visit my friend and saw the wallet in his trash. I ask him why he didn’t try to find the owner since it had a couple credit cards and an ID for someone in California. He said he did not want to be tempted by the credit cards so he cut them in half and threw them away. I then took the ID and called 411. I got a number, called it and left a message. A couple hours later when I got home the older gentleman called me back. He did not care about anything except a prescription card he had in there. He told me that he was on his way to Canada with his wife on vacation. When he got to the border he was turned around because he had no ID. That is when he realized it was missing. He drove back to CA because he had planned on getting his heart medication in Canada while he was there and was completely out. When he returned home he found out his Dr. was out of the state and it would be another couple weeks before he could get the refill. He didn’t know what to do until he heard my message because of the holidays. We talked for awhile about school and he told me to use the cash to send it back to him. I told him there was no cash in it. He was not surprised and I overnighted it to him anyway. A couple weeks later I received a card in the mail with a check for 500. I went back to my friend and told him about it so we could split the money and he told me that there was cash in the wallet and he took it because he was broke at the time and could not take any more from him. I then called the older gentleman back and explained what really happened and told him thanks but I was not going to take his money. He said thank you and that was it. In January I returned to college. When I went to pay my tuition it was already paid. The lady there could not give me any info except there was a credit on my account for more then just one semester. I called the man in california and ask him about it and he got a real kick out of it and said sorry, he was not going to let me pay him back!

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