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I’ve always loved the concept of “paying it forward”. This morning the radio station I listen to was discussing this website and was interviewing Janelle, just about the time I was pulling into a Starbucks drive-thru. I’ve always wanted to treat the person behind me but it never worked out to where I had the money or guts (yes for some reason this is a requirement) or there was never actually someone in line behind me! I decided this morning that I was going to do it! Today was the day. I look in my rearview mirror and no one was there! Just as I was being handed my treats a car pulled in behind me. I waited for them to order and told the barista that I wanted to pay for them. She asked if I knew them or if I was just being nice. I told her that I didn’t know them and she smiled. I wonder what happened after that…Did they continue the chain? My curiosity is killing me! I’m so curious as to what their reaction was! It sure started my day off great. I had some good coffee and managed to lift my own spirits as well as theirs (i hope) in the process!

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