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Sydney S. – Ohio – double blessings

I remember what it was like to be a young mother; the bills to be paid, you’re always tired, and life can get to you sometimes. The woman behind me at Tully’s last week, looked a little frazzled with a two year old and the cutest baby in the world. She had the baby in one arm, the toddler in a stroller and her purse and diaper bag over her other shoulder – I have no idea how she was planning to carry her coffee! I leaned over to tell the Barista that I wanted to pay for her drink, too. I handed the Barista two cards and explained how “In Line Behind Me” worked, then was out the door before the woman behind me made it to the counter. As I was backing out of my parking spot, I saw her in my rearview mirror; she was wiping away tears. I know the whole idea is to bless others, but I was so blessed by this experience! I hope she was blessed, too!

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