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Listening to your story, besides making me cry, made me want to experience happiness as well. Yesterday, Thursday, it was my intent to pay for someone’s coffee. Of course, I went to the Starbucks in my building and bought a coffee, waited, waited and waited. To no avail, no other coffee drinker showed up. I was very, very disappointed, to say the least.

Today, once again, I went to purchase my coffee, and a co-worker and soon to be mom was there, so I caught the Barista’s eye, indicated I would pay, then proceeded to get my coffee.

Of course my coworker was very thankful, but the feeling I had was even better. Then to top it off? The Barista did not charge me for mine!

This is just going to be a great Friday!

Thank you so much for your generosity! It’s contageous!

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  1. I heard about your site on the radio. At work we put out cards that said-Here is a hug from…. To remind you to take a moment to stop and smile. With the card were candies or goodies. Requirement was to leave anonymously. It really helped lift spirits this week. I’m glad to see your site and will look often for more ideas. Blessings.

    February 15th, 2009