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Santa Maria, CA – I was car #47

I was car #47 out of a total of 181 cars before the string ended. The young woman at the Starbuck’s window told us that the car ahead of us had just paid 2.00 of our bill. We were, of course, stunned! We asked why and she told us that it had started 46 cars before us when a man had 3.52 in change coming and told her to just apply it to the car in line behind him. She and her partner at the coffee machine decided to see if they could keep the trend going so they just offered the option to each car that drove through. Twice they dug into their own pockets to keep the trend moving. It continued for 181 cars!
It’s not as though I saved any money. I actually paid for the entire 4.80 order for the car behind me so I spent a little more than I saved. It was just the opportunity to surprise an unexpecting stranger with a random act of kindness. How often do you get to do that?
The young ladies still talk about it. A string of 181 people being nice to strangers just because it felt good.

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  1. BION I’m imesdsrpe! Cool post!

    November 23rd, 2015