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KK – Arlington, WA

I started the “Pay It Forward” at a local espresso stand in our area 2 Christmases ago. One simple act of $2.75 of paying the coffee for the person behind me started a string of over 150 people catching on. A Starbuck’s in our area had over 300 people Pay It Forward! My heart still feels good about that. Also, a great radio station in our area, KMPS, does a bike drive each Christmas for the Forgotten Children’s Fund. How good does it make a person feel knowing that there will be a bike delivered to a child who may not have any other present underneath their tree? And a bike! When you give to this great Fund as an anonymous donor, sitting down on Christmas day at your own house knowing that some child somewhere is getting a bike delivered to them! I can just imagine the joy on their face, and the relief on the mom and/or dad’s face! It’s such an easy thing to do. Think of all that God has done for us with his Pay It Forward love and grace!

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