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Vicky, Federal Way, Wa – God, Church and Bingo!

I went to bingo a couple of weeks ago just for fun and to get out of the house for a little while. To make the long story short, I won!!! Anyway, i was sitting in a row for an hour that consisted of me and these two really nice older ladies. No one else came to sit with us and we were chatting back and forth the whole time about how we wished the lord would bless us today! Long and behold thats when I won! So, I snuck up to the counter and cashed in my ticket. I got a new number (we were playing the electronic bingo) and came back and put money in both the ladies machine while they weren’t looking. They looked up at me and I said “We have been learning in church how to love and to pay it forward”. Those ladies kept thanking me and thanking me, so i told them about the website and that they should check it out. It was a great feeling to give them that extra money so they could play a little longer than they would have! I left before them, so I hope they won something to help them out!

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