About the ILBM team

Janelle Elms

Janelle Elms - Queen

Janelle Elms

Queen in some pink world of her own creation

Janelle, with her dry sense of humor, random quips and sparkly brilliance keeps everyone around her on their toes.  Janelle loves good coffee, cute shoes and Star Wars.  She is a marketing goddess and owns and runs a company that helps people grow their own internet companies – although her true desire is to drive a Monster truck.  Janelle makes it a point to believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.  And she also believes that while it may be hard being the Queen, someone has to do it.

  • Favorite Saying: “Gosh, that’s not going to work for me.”
  • Favorite Drink: Triple-Venti, Cinnamon Dulce Skinny Latte…please
  • Real world persona: Visionaire of OSI Rock Stars
Jesse - PR Princess

Jesse - PR Princess

Jesse Phillips

Femme Fatale with the pen, paper and computer

Jesse, with a loud personality peppered with sarcasm, is an implant to the Seattle area from the big city of Chicago.  She is a swing dancer and avid coffee drinker with a small talent for videography and a large talent for bossing people around.  She loves coffee, chocolate, good books and shoes.  Jesse believes that with enough coffee and the right tiara she could rule the world.

  • Favorite Saying: “My job is to show up, drink coffee and look cute; and I do two of those very well.”
  • Favorite Drink: A “WhyEvenBother” – Coffee with caramel syrup and lots of milk
  • Real world persona: HR in Ministry
Bryan - Bodyguard

Bryan - Bodyguard

Bryan Heim

Guy with the Box of Crayons

Creative from day one, Bryan has always been the consummate artist.  Walking at 8 months, Bryan has not stopped since.
Bryan loves creative projects, design, & body slamming, bone shaking, teeth tingling hockey!  “It’s in the hits BABY!”
Bryan makes it a point to always be thinking about the next project he wants to create.  The lights are always on!

  • Favorite Saying: “You miss 100% of the Shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky
  • Favorite Saying II: “You can’t touch this!” – MC Hammer
  • Favorite Drink: “The one in my hand!”
  • Real world persona: Historian of Living History at Flightline Fabrications (and Drill Sgt to 1st Lt Apollo)
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